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Chilling and Informative

A somber and informative true crime podcast. The tone has the right touch of film noir to set a chilling mood. You will be engaged from start to finish.


Fantastic as always. And the episodes are all the right length so I can listen while dog walking!


This podcast is fabulous. Great detail, very professional, and very entertaining.

Awesome episode 6.

Awesome episode 6. Learned so much about about forensic DNA. Interview with David was very insightful. Thanks True Crime PI.

Amazing, Captivating & leaving the listener wanting more!!

This podcast has it all. Amazing story telling, real life detectives perspective & a place to view pictures and be interactive. Every episode leaves me wanting more and I can’t wait for the next one to air!! A must listen podcast even if your not normally into true crime. The speaker is easy to l…


I was fortunate to meet Dana in person before finding out she had a podcast. Boy am I hooked now. She knows her unsolved crimes for sure. Can’t wait to see True Crime P.I.’s future!

True Crime PI

Very all the research and interviews! Each episode has me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next! Be sure to follow the social media accounts so you can dig deeper into the information discussed!


Dana is a great host. I find her voice very easy to listen too I’m glad I found the podcast.🎙❤️

Informative and Thoughtful

Dana has lots of thought provoking questions. It’s obvious this is a passion and she’s spent lots of time and effort into research. I can’t wait for more episodes!

True Crime PI

Looking forward to exploring the Samuel Little connection.

True Crime P.I.

Very informative. Can’t wait to hear more!

Meet the players!

Love when podcasters actually DO the research and contact/interview the people involved in the case! Well done!

Dana is great!!!

Very well told story!!

Great All Around

Great into, music, voices and format. Keeps you wanting more!

On the edge of my seat

I give this pod cast a 5⭐️ rating. I can’t wait until episode three comes out to hear what else the detective has to say!!! The pod casts are very clear and easy to understand with great information. I like the fact that it is all facts not the casters point of view . Even the music was spot on!!!…