March 9, 2022

EP:12. Part 1-The Life and Disappearance of Lonene Ray Rogers

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In this episode you will learn about the life and disappearance of Lonene Ray Rogers told through the voices of the sister, who carries the gift and the burden of being one of the only people left on earth who really knew her. The daughter who is relentless in her pursuit of truth and justice and the son who may know the person of interest in this case better than anyone. 

It been 41 years, where is Lonene Ray Raffle Rogers and will justice ever be served? 

Lonene was last seen by her husband Bud Rogers at 12:45 am on January 7, 1981.  According to Bud, the couple argued and he went to sleep. At 2:00 am, Bud woke up and discovered that Lonnie was not in bed next to him. He initially assumed that she was angry and had gone to sleep on the couch. When he realized that she wasn’t on the couch he concluded that she left him for another man.  

At the time of her disappearance, Lonnie Ray Rogers was 29 years old, approximately 5ft 5 inches tall and weighed about 140 lbs. She had long Sandy brown hair, freckles and gray eyes. It was reported that she may have been wearing a navy blue peacoat, blue jeans and high brown boots

In part two of The Life and Disappearance of Lonene Ray Raffle Rogers, Alison and Aaron will explain what their lives were like in the years following their mothers disappearance. We will also learn more about the initial and ongoing investigation into Lonnie’s case, Bud’s shocking criminal history, my visit to Saegertown and Alison’s quest to bring her mother home.

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A Daughter's Journey and Story of Resilience-Amazon
Lonene’s Uncovered Case File

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Aaron Rogers

Episode 12: Part 1 & 2 -The Life and Disappearance of Lonnie Ray Raffle Rogers

Glene Raffle

Lonnie's sister - Episode 12: Part 1 & 2 The life and Disappearance of Lonnie Ray Raffle Rogers.

Alison Duiker


Alison Duiker is the daughter of Lonene Ray Raffle Rogers and the author of A Daughters Journey and Story of Resilience. Available on Amazon.