Feb. 15, 2022

Advocates Unite: Let's Solve A Cold Case

Advocates Unite: Let's Solve A Cold Case


Advocates Unite: Let's Solve A Cold Case

We all know it's true, so many of us have become desensitized to violence in our society. We have seen too much death and bloodshed  on tv, in video games and embedded in the lyrics of some of our favorite songs. 

When we see a report on the number of missing, murdered and unidentified people in this country and we see a statistic instead of the faces of the victims and their family members. 

When someone is missing or murdered, the ripple affect of their loss is immeasurable. Imagine for a moment that just 25 people; family members, friends and coworkers are deeply affected by the loss of a missing or murdered person. If there are over 250,000 cold cases in this country, there are no less than 6.25 million friends and family members who must deal with the shock of an unjust loss and then the unbearable burden of not knowing...for months, years, decades and sometimes a lifetime. This is a statistic that we can no longer ignore.

The internet has given us the resources we need to help solve these cases. Social Media platforms allow for the immediate and ongoing sharing of vital information and updates. Today, everyone can be an advocate.

When Gabby Petito went missing this summer millions of people turned their interest in true crime into advocacy. Collectively, we spent countless hours discussing scenarios, analyzing captions, mapping locations, and sharing vital information on social media platforms.

Gabby was located because people like you and me shared her story, photos, observations and tips. We proved that public input is more than just valuable, it is a vital piece of the puzzle. Without a doubt we helped law enforcement bring Gabby home. 

Our collective impact matters and the positive affect we can have on solving cold cases can not be denied.

Here are 5 cases that could benefit from your support!


5 Cold Cases in the Spotlight (Please share)

Excerpts and Links - Uncovered.com case file.

Sandra Kay Powell 

“I try to go along day by day just thinking that she's out there some place. Everybody says give it up and admit she's dead. But I don't do that. I still have hope.” Sandra’s Mom, Francis McCoy 

Sandra Kay Powell was a 16 years old when she went missing onMarch 11, 1984,  just 4 days shy of her 17 birthday. At thetime of her disappearance, Sandra attended Washington High School. She lived with her mother Francis McCoy onCamden Street in South Bend, Indiana. Sandra attended Washington High Schooland was almost four months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. Just a few days before she went missing, the baby’sfathertold Sandra that he planned to marry someone else.

Listen to Episode 9 of the True Crime PI podcast to learn more about The Disappearance of Sandra Kay Powell. 

Victoria Valdez

Around 8:00am the morning of September 22, 2016, Victoria Valdez made her 14-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter breakfast before she sent them off to school. Shortly after her children left home, Vincent Grant, the second victim, arrived. Vincent, 31 years old, and a potential friend and even business partner of Victoria Valdez. Sometime between 8:00am and 3:00 pm, an unknown guest entered Victoria's home and shot Victoria and Vincent in the head. 

Courtney Copeland

In the early morning hours of March 3, 2016, Courtney was last seen hanging with friends at a local pizzeria. After he left the pizzeria, he had plans to visit his girlfriend. He pulled up to his friend's home, called to let them know he arrived. When his friend opened the door Courtney was nowhere to be found. Courtney was shot in the back of the chest and drove towards the nearest police station to seek help before he collapsed. 

Eileen Francis Hynson

Eileen Francis Hynson was last seen leaving her home, where she lived with her father and brother, on June 1, 1976. Eileen had left the home to attend a bridal party dress fitting in Benicia, California, approximately 30 miles away from her home in Napa, CA.

Mark Cajski 

Mark was last seen alive on July 10, 1996, by his roommate, Robert Speaker. That morning, Speaker had heard Mark talking on the phone with someone at 6:00am. He couldn't hear the who the other caller was, the words that were exchanged, or the tone of the conversation. However, he did see Mark leave the house between 6:00am and 7:00am with his snorkel, snorkel mask, fins, and a fishing pole after the call. Speaker also knows that Mark goes diving often and never goes alone. As Mark leaves out the door, Speaker does not realize this will be the last time he will sees Mark or that this is the last time Mark is seen alive.