Jan. 13, 2021

EP:4. Samuel Little - Prime Suspect

EP:4. Samuel Little - Prime Suspect
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 Over the course of four decades and across 19 states, the deadliest serial killer in US history left a trail of at least 93 victims. Although he was arrested several times and linked to sexual assaults, attempted murders and actual murders, he was for one reason or another repeatedly released to kill again. Samuel Little believed that the reason he was able to avoid a conviction for so many years was because he targeted women who were sex workers, runaways  and drug addicts. Women, who he believed were low risk because they were less likely to be missed. On September 2, 2014, his luck ran out. He was finally convicted for the murders of 3 young women, in the late 80’s and sentenced to 3 consecutive life sentences. In October of  2019, the FBI named him the most prolific serial killer in US History. Just a little over a year later at 4:53 am on December 30, 2020, 80 year old, Samuel Little died in a California hospital. 

Episode 4,  tells Little's story and highlights the possible connection to Our Doe, NamUs Case - UP10724 - Cobb County, GA - May 10th, 1984. Retired Cobb County  Homicide and Cold Case  Detective, John Dawes, explains how he submitted crime scene photos, the reconstruction created by retired GBI Forensic Artist, Marla Lawson and a map for Little's review. Dana Poll and Detective Dawes provide insight into the mind of the most prolific serial killer in US History.


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