March 3, 2021

EP:6. Who is Our Doe?

EP:6. Who is Our Doe?
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 I talk with David Mittelman, Founder and CEO of Othram and David will discuss how Othram enables human identification from DNA evidence. He talks about the role Othram and played in the identification of Mostly Harmless, a John Doe who was discovered in 2018, and the Pecos Jane Doe. He will also explain how we can help identify Our Doe and others like her. gives law enforcement, the family and friends of a missing person or anyone interested in helping to identify an unidentified person the ability to submit a case, crowdfund a case and ultimately to help solve a case! Before,, law enforcement had to secure funding prior to submitting the case for DNA profiling and genealogical research. In some cases, finding the funds could take years. Now, law enforcement, me, you, family or friends can submit a case to Othram. If approved, a crowdfunding campaign can be created on You and anyone who is interested in solving the case can donate to insure it gets funded. Personally, I think this is a brilliant model because it inspires collaboration and provides us with a proven and effective way to help identify the unidentified.  I wanted to know more about what to expect once a case is accepted and funded.  David  gives us a behind the scenes look at the process.

Join me next time for the last episode of the first season of True Crime PI.  I will share my final thoughts and any available updates on this case. I will also be featuring listener questions and comments in this episode.  So, if you have a question or a comment visit
www.truecrimepi.comand look for the Send a Voicemail tab on the right side of the home page.  I look forward to hearing from you.