Feb. 9, 2022

Cold Cases in the Spotlight

Cold Cases in the Spotlight

Introducing Cases in the Spotlight!

There are over 250,000 cold cases in the United States. This number is sobering to say the least. It is the faces and the stories of the missing and murdered that motivates me to advocate for victims and their families. 

Each week, I will share 5 unsolved cases that have been recently added to the Uncovered.com database.  One of the most impactful things we can do to help families is to share their loved one's stories on our social media pages. Please share these cases. 

Kendrick Johnson-Suspicious Death/Georgia

Brian Aubrey Breeden-Missing/Virginia

Tracy Sissom-Missing/Indiana

Renee Welka Missing-Missing/Michigan 

John Christoper Terry-Missing/Texas

On March 11, it will be 35 years since Sandra Kaye Powell went missing. I covered her case in  Season 2- Episode:9 The Disappearance of Sandra Kay Powell. Sandra has gotten very little media coverage and I am hoping we can change that.  Uncovered.com is currently working to visualize her case. I will share a link when it is available. 

Take care and let us not forget that collective impact is real! 

"Together we can help find the missing, give the unidentified back their names and provide answers to families who have been forced to carry the unbearable burden of not knowing." 


It is estimated that in the time it took you to read this post.... 2 people have been reported missing.