July 19, 2021

Introducing DNASolves Connect

Introducing DNASolves Connect

In Episode 6 - Who is Our Doe, I interviewed David Mittelman, Othram Founder and CEO. In this interview, David provides a behind the scenes look at how Othram is using their state-of-the-art process to identify the unidentified. He also discusses the DNASolves database; designed specifically for law enforcement and the many ways you can help solve a cold case. Listen to the episode here.

In a recent article on SolvedMysteries.com, Silent Mass Disaster No More, David addresses the staggering number of unidentified person's cases and offers a promising solution to the problem. 

Here's an excerpt from the article....According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs), 4,400 unidentified bodies are recovered in the United States annually. Many of these individuals are victims of crimes, but imagine the difficulty of investigating what happened when you don’t even know the victim’s identity. Most of these unidentified bodies remain mysteries, anonymous case numbers. They accumulate year after year, a phenomenon the National Institute of Justice calls a “silent mass disaster.”

On Friday, July 17, 2021, Othram introduced DNASolves Connect, a DNA kit that can be purchased for $14.99 and submitted to the DNASolves database. This private database is for law enforcement use only.  It enables the DNA of an unidentified person to be compared to the DNA profiles contained in the database. 

There is no better way to say this than to quote Anchorman, Ron Burgundy "this is kind of a big deal!"  Othram, DNASolves, DNASolves Connect and Law Enforcement, with our help, can now harness the power of DNA profiling and genetic genealogical research to better address our nations “Silent Mass Disaster”.

If you would like to submit your DNA visit DNASolves.com, purchase a DNASolves Connect kit or upload your raw DNA data to the DNASolves database. The clock is ticking ⏰ but together....we can help find the missing, give the unidentified back their names and provide answers to families who have been forced to carry the unbearable burden of not knowing. 

Read the full article here.