Oct. 27, 2021

The Who, What, and When of Season 2 + Season 1 Update!

The Who, What, and When of Season 2 + Season 1 Update!
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Hello, True Crime PI Fans, I’m your host Dana Poll. Did you know that, In the United States there are more than 200,000 unsolved missing, murdered and unidentified persons cases? Last season I covered the case of an unidentified Jane Doe, this Season, I am  shifting my focus from the unidentified to the missing.  In Episode 1, I will investigate the case of Sandra Kay Powell, a pregnant teen, from South Bend Indiana who disappeared in 1987. Episode 2,  will feature an  interview with John Bischoff, Vice President- Missing Children Division-National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. I will then be releasing a series of episodes on the Disappearance of Lonene Ray Rogers; a deaf mother from Meadville, Pennsylvania. Lonene disappeared on January 7, 1981. This series will include interviews with Lonene’s sister, daughter and her son.

Season 1 Updates:
Cobb County Jane Doe and Saginaw John Doe!

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Music: Seedy StreetsandCome Out and Play  written and performed by the very talented Darrin Curtis at DarrinCurtisMusic.com.