April 1, 2021

Bonus: Saginaw John Doe - Unidentified, Carbon County Jane Doe and Grace Doe-Indentified

Bonus: Saginaw John Doe - Unidentified, Carbon County Jane Doe and Grace Doe-Indentified
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On October 8, 1988, the Saginaw Police department was contacted by a resident of an Apartment house located in the 400 block of Carroll Street. According to Lieutenant Kendziorski, the resident noticed that one of the apartment doors was ajar. After taking a look inside and seeing what appeared to be a deceased person the resident called the police.  When police arrived they discovered the body of a 16-20 year old african american male, with a shotgun wound to his face.

Saginaw John Doe and his family need our help. If you are interested in helping to crowdfund this case, please visit
www.dnasolves.comand click on Saginaw John Doe. Every little bit helps and brings us a step closer to identifying him. 

If you can’t donate but would still like to help, I have created a shareable post with a  link to Saginaw John Doe’s DNAsolves.com page.  You can find it on our True Crime PI Facebook and Instagram pages. Please take a moment to share this post with your friends and followers. Together we can help find the missing , give the unidentified back their names and provide answers to  the families who have been forced to carry the unbearable burden of not knowing. 

As I was editing this episode, I received news that 2 more Does have been identified through DNA profiling and Genetic Genealogical research and one of the identifications has led a suspect being charged with criminal homicide. 

Carbon County (Beth) Doe Identified as Evelyn Colon
Grace Doe Identified as Shawna Garber

These two young women were brutally murdered. Their cases were cold with little hope of ever being solved. Today, they became the perfect example of why identifying the unidentified is so important.